Top Five Trade Fairs in China and Travel Packages by Riviera Tours and Travel

27 Jun

Top Five Trade Fairs in China and Travel Packages by Riviera Tours and Travel

By: Sunil Chawla

Chinese trade fairs are increasingly important globally. Lacs of business people visit these five shows and exhibitions  from basically every country in the world hoping to buy or sell required products and scouting for business opportunities.

1) The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair)
The Canton Fair (广交会) is a national fair and is China's biggest trade fair. They feature basically every type of industrial product from electronics to automobiles in Phase 1, consumer goods and gifts in Phase 2, and clothing, medicines, and recreational products in Phase 3. The event is held twice annually in the Spring and Autumn.

2) The Yiwu Commodities Fair
The Yiwu Trade Fair (义博会) is a permanent fair targeted for small buyers from all over the world looking to buy wholesale products at the lowest prices. The price are a little lower than at Guangzhou. In addition to the permanent trade market, many annual exhibitions of various categories of products attract more buyers and exhibitors to Yiwu City.
The International Trade City, also called China Commodities City, or simply Yiwu Market, is the biggest of the Yiwu market places. It has as many as 70,000 booths with 100,000 sellers representing factories all over China. It measures 4,000,000 square meters or 43,000,000 square feet.

3) Beijing International Auto Show
The Beijing Auto Show (北京国际汽车展览会) is a national automobile exhibition featuring vehicles from virtually every major company in the world. It is China's largest automobile show, and one of the top five in the world. For Chinese wanting to compare and buy products and for foreigners wishing to source vehicles, parts and accessories, it is very important to attend.

4) Bauma China
International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles, and Equipment
The Bauma Fair is a national trade fair for China's construction industry and construction related companies. China has the largest construction industry by far, so this is a very important trade show. It is Asia's biggest construction trade fair. They feature basically every type of construction equipment.

5) East China Import and Export Commodity Fair (ECF)
The Shanghai Import and Export Commodity Fair (中国华东进出口商品交易会) is the biggest of the regional fairs. Eastern China provinces and cities sponsor the annual event. Buyers come from about 100 countries.

Featured products: clothes, textiles, consumer goods, gifts, art

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